GC Incentives helps manufacturing companies meet and exceed their safety, employee retention and OSHA goals, through effective incentive programs that encourage exceptional performance, safety-consciousness and punctuality. We work with clients to ensure that each safety incentive program is successful and can be measured and compared over time.

Why invest in a Safety Incentive Program?

  • Drives safe behaviors which reduce workplace safety incidents and accidents

  • Raises safety awareness and safety education

  • Boosts overall productivity

  • Lowers employee turnover and absenteeism

  • Demonstrates a sincere concern for your employees’ well-being, and fosters workplace morale and loyalty

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Choice is a powerful motivator

Recognizing your top employee safety performers with incentives and rewards helps achieve corporate safety initiatives. And when you make safety recognition a personal and memorable experience, your employees become more engaged in meeting safety objectives.

Our approach to incentives and rewards is defined by creating a memorable experience. Our products prove that choice is a powerful motivator to support your corporate safety program goals. SuperCertificate® REWARDS appeal to everyone in a diverse workforce. Your employees can redeem their SuperCertificate® REWARD for one gift card or a combination of gift cards of their choice from our list of more than 200 nationwide retailers, including popular stores, airlines, hotels, theaters and restaurants.

Give the reward of choice. The SuperCertificate® REWARD can be customized and personalized to create an unforgettable reward giving and receiving experience.



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Learn the Six Steps to Designing an Effective Safety Incentive Program

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