How many trips to Las Vegas and Jamaica did your sales team earn from sales incentive contests last year? Maybe you were lucky, and the entire team exceeded their goals and earned a trip. If you weren’t that lucky, you need some ideas on how to better motivate and incentivize your sales team.

Likely your strategy to meet your sales goals will involve sales contests. They are a great because everyone participates by default. But participation doesn’t always lead to sales goals being met. Don’t ask, ‘What do we give the winners?’ instead ask, ‘Is my team engaged enough to give their best to win’?  Lack of engagement can lead to complacency and a job half done. Engaged employees are motivated to give, doing their job above and beyond.

When it’s time to add incentives to those contests, how many trips to Jamaica can you fit into your budget? Often, it’s the simplest incentives that have the most impact. As a rule, the faster the reward is delivered, the greater the enthusiasm for the incentive program.

GC Incentives’ employee recognition and reward programs drive success at the core of your business—increasing engagement, motivating performance and getting results.

  • Employee engagement
  • Spot awards
  • Sales incentives
  • Non-monetary recognition

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